Saturday, 11 March 2017

Journal: A bit of bother

One of those days in which the lows were expunged by the highs as the pastoral role came to the rescue in the shape of home Communions, funerals and supporting others. Sadness came when personal choice and politics found themselves labelled as theology and some took up the cry for more power to be given to the laity and clergy as if that would solve the problems within the Church of England.

From what I've seen of General Synod and the decisions that have come out of it, to extend the power of the people would be to indeed consign running this lunatic asylum of a church to the inmates, and that would be. Tragedy indeed.

Happier news tonight is the fact that Jesus was found breaking out in pockets around the country as people got on with the work of ministering his grace and being seen in the delivery of pastoral care. Found myself struggling with a new LGBTQI+ label, hadn't realised watching that ghastly TV show was part of the inclusive world's considerations these days - must really try to keep up I guess.

In other news I find myself totally cast adrift from all this campaigning, power talk and the like and wonder when we might get back into the core business so Church: Jesus. I remembered a Stanley Hauerwas comment today: "It's all about Jesus - the rest is BS!"

Ain't that the truth?

Lord, help the Church which bears your name to stop confusing personal desire and politics as theology and endorsing it as the Emperor endorsed the finery that rendered him naked and foolish before the uniformed eyes of a child. A story the Church needs to recall.

I thank You for the ability to minister Your Grace as my daily round. To be able to share Your love and to be 6our man in the places I find myself is immense and privileged.

Lord, keep us humble and make us obviously Yours by the way we regard others.

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UKViewer said...

I have too been saddened this week with the rhetoric that forced Bishop Philip to withdraw from the post of Bishop of Sheffield. I found it totally incomprehensible when the Church had agreed Mutual Flourishing of different traditions, that such a savage campaign was launched against his ministry.

I have now decided that I will not use the liberal label applied to my theology, which is inclusive and respectful of all traditions within the church - where that leave me, I don't really know, but I have a Catholic Heritage to fall back on as I move forward which will allow me to find that place in the broad centre, which is about building the Kingdom, Centred on Jesus and no one else. Personalities and ego and personal ambition have no place in a church of respect, relationship and care for others more than ourselves.