Friday, 24 March 2017

Journal: A good send off

what a stunning day! It was another long one but it totally rocked as we did a back-to-back services with Communion and then a funeral for one of our lovely ladies. Add to this some home Communions and a bit of admin (which like the poor, will always be with us) and that's a day nicely discharged.

The funeral was amazing and the place was so full we had people standing - a real tribute to a superb woman. We had tears, laughter, hymns and a Mikey Cyrus song sung too. Who said Anglicans were caught up in boring church :-)

The Crem' was nicely balanced and ticked all the right boxes too and the gathering afterwards was a joy to behold. Oddly, though I don't usually go to the wake thing I've found myself at two this week and enjoyed them and the interaction. Perhaps I should impose myself more?

Another high spot came in the delivery of a Royal Signals flag for a funeral I have next week. Having asked around, no one seems to have one and so the only answer was to add to my collection of the things. This is a real value-added element and something that makes the service for some people.

Now planning to scatter ashes on the spot in the country where a young courting couple spent their romantic evenings fifty years before - a nice touch and something I've only done once before (found out later it was the place where the plans for their first child were laid down - which made for red faces for some, including the first child!!!!). Ever been sorry you asked about the significance of a place or something?

Home Communions are just so very cool and it's nice to see faces light up because you've arrived rather than because you're leaving (and I know a few that applies to) which is the view some have of clergy.

Mental health is a big issue and it's getting bigger by the day. One is so interesting that having mentioned it to some people who deal with that sort of thing, they've decided to make it a problem shared, which is unusual - but welcome. If only there were more support workers, crisis team staff, mental health units and enthusiasm for this area. So the prayer continues (as does the standing in the gap).

Lord, for all I have seen and been and done today, help me to be a blessing and to learn from all that has been. May tomorrow with its funerals, visits and unexpected be filled with You and Your presence.

And thank you for today.

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