Monday, 20 March 2017

Journal: that 'works one day' arrives

Three Communions and a couple of baptisms were on the calendar for today. Started with a BCP Communion where I obviously got excited as they left later than usual. Who on earth puts Meribah, justification AND the Samaritan woman all in the same set of readings and expects a five minute homily? Second Communion was fun and the sermon, different from the first service, was a thing of passion and joy (for me anyway - can't speak for the hearts).

Arrived at the next place to find the congregation leaving in droves before they got boxed inby the baptism party. Sadly they never arrived which meant we (me and the Wardens) got to do some stuff instead before I headed home.

Baptism the second did happen and I found myself engaged in conversations and the like such that I was still there ninety minutes after the start time. There were conversations about Jesus and His childhood, one of the children I'd talked too went and produced a drawing of Jesus doing stuff. Met a Viking and his family and remembered how much I liked the Swedish friends I used to have whilst studying.

Final Communion of the day was a slow march, but it still ticked all the boxes even though it lacked the dynamism of the am services. Some good conversations and a steady end to a full on day. In all the day took up almost twelve hours from beginning to end - brunchinner (realised as we sat down to eat dinner that I'd somehow missed Lund and breakfast) came just before 20:00 and yes, I did fall asleep in the settee for about ten minutes in front of the TV :-)

Lord, for the many conversations held today, may they have been a blessing to the other parties.
For the woman who came and talked about her situation, be God in her life.
For the child baptised, may she grow in the Christian faith and my her sponsors keep their end of the bargain.
And thank You for the privilege that being in ministry is.

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