Friday, 17 March 2017

Journal: Meeting in McDonald's

Another action packed day: Started with the Daily Office followed by Admin and service prep, Thursday Communion, funeral visit,  service in the Crem', cup of tea, service in the church building, quick stop to chat and drink tea with the mourners, home Communions, quick bite to eat and then off to another funeral visit in a McDonald's between me and the home of the person sorting the service (so I could be somewhere between their home and mine).

A mixed and sad day as I've been taking the deceased Communion for some time now and have known them for some fourteen years and valued, respected and loved the man. The privilege of doing any funeral is always tinged with the reminder that I am not there to let my personal grief be indulged with. There's a person who I have seen on a few occasions conducts funerals at the Crem' and they invariably cry during the service - one day, without being prompted, they told me that they always find the service to be sad and 'always' cried. That made me sad because surely, if that's the case, then the service either becomes about you, leads the people into tears and exacerbates their distress (one they took had pretty much everyone howling - I know because the FD officiating called me over and pointed it out!) and takes the focus off the person in the box beside you.

From funeral to home Communions where I had the privilege of sharing my privilege with someone looking to make this ministry their own. They enjoyed the experience (I think, haven't debriefed them yet) and the next step is to run through the home Communion theology, service sheets and the way we keep the liturgical year. It is so good to have people come and ask to do stuff - a real blessing indeed.

So with two of my home Communion customers having cancelled their standing orders for a happy meal visit, I'm in the lookout for more. Thankfully have added three more customers and have the potential of two more - so the empire building continues. Have what looks like three more care homes to add to the list too so if all goes well might not only be going corporate but have another volunteer in the offing too so expanding the workforce too!

All I need is a volunteer for the admin' and I can settle down into the stuff of ministry: Winning souls for Christ and pastoring them.

Off to look at last year's stat's!

Lord, I thank You for the gifts you give, the gifts of grace which help us live, and ministering before Your throne I truly strive them all to know; and especially pray, with fervent heart, that of them all there's two whose part I pray that others they will know as in their daily walk they grow.
So Lord this day may administration and celibacy find someone with a stronger, tidier, mind.
Give me the broken and ignore my desk!

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