Friday, 10 March 2017

Journal: Variety is the spice

Of life, or so the saying goes; and I for one would have to endorse that thought if today is anything to go by. Early Communion, home visits, pastoral stuff, more funeral stuff (no surprise there though, now have ten funerals left before month ends), great vocations meeting, interesting combative theological engagement, and (of course) admin. Well, into each life some rain must fall I guess.

Today has been a day tinged with a fair degree of sadness as the CofE has taken a step back and suffered a setback from its place of via media. It seems to me that we are becoming a church in which the clamouring for power and an inability to tolerate difference is leading us into a place where apostasy is the only obvious outcome. The potential for us in this land to emulate the shameful realities of the episcopalian church seems to grow daily and the thought police are flexing their muscles more blatantly each day. I had hoped that with Justin and John there would be something different on the menu  but perhaps my hope has been misplaced.

What I seem to be increasingly hearing are words that would fit into Orwell's review of Marxist/Leninist struggles: "All are free to believe and worship as they wish, as long as it's a way in which we approve - freedom to be who you are are is key, but only if it's the freedom that we endorse. All Christians are equal but some are more equal than others!"

Lord, unless You build the house those who labour do so in vain. Raise up a workforce who are less taken up with the language of power and the mindset of politicians.
Help us to preach the Gospel in the actions and outworking of our hearts.
Help us to celebrate the ministry of all and to affirm the values and standards of our faith with courage and compassion.
Give wisdom and courage to Justin and John that they might lead fearlessly and rightly that which You have placed in their hands.
Make clean our hearts within us; and take not Your Holy Spirit from us.

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