Friday, 3 March 2017

Journal: What was that?

2am and I find myself hitting the sack after what has ended up being a seventeen and a bit hour day - so much for me telling the other half I was going to behave with my daily round! But that's what this ministry thing is all about; meeting needs and being there.

The interesting thing is that there were no aircraft crashes or other disasters - all that happened today was just life going on, in abundance, but nothing more.

And me? I was showing God's love and doing the stuff people take for granted. There was. O running into burning buildings or any heroics: and that is what being a Christian is all about: Being there for the silly things; for the tragic events: The, "I don't want to bother you, but . . . " things.

for the mundane things I give you thanks, for in them we meet with the exceptionaL
for the small things that combine to create a gargantuan,
For the minefields other create and in which we seek to grow a garden of peace,
for the grace to forgive as we are forgiven.
for the tears of loss and the laughter of remembrance.
for all that today was and tomorrow will be,
I offer You my thanks, love and self.

Accept this as my Lenten sacrifice this day.

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