Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Journal: not the !*€'*! caretaker

So there I was with a day off and very little dome in the way of work (other than a few funeral calls, some pastoral stiff and a late night foray into the rainy night to overcome some welfare state/health service inadequacies). I potters a bit, tidied the study a bit, played with electronics, had brunch with the other half and watched a film.

Rushed out to do a quick call and on my return found a van (which I assumed was for the group meeting there later) parking up - so I left them to it. A little later one of our children popped into the church building to find something and was replaced by one of the other children as she also looked. Bottom line - I ended up going in and, as the caretaker, was challenged about not having opened up  and stuff.

So, I (nicely) point out that I'm not the caretaker and how the group have a key holder and how it's their responsibility to be there to open up and all that sort of thing. Seemed the group had been told that the people doing the whatever it was needed an hour to set up and no one had arrived. The rest is history (like the wallybean who has broken the heater controls in their desire to have the building heated to twenty-one degrees if I find them).

But you know, it's interesting how duplicitous people are - when they think you're the caretaker they know their rights, when you're the cleric they become different again! Fortunately I explained the issues and (kindly) left them to set up. But the tide is going out and the joys of living over the shop are diminishing as quickly as the mould grows!

Lord, You came as fully man as a servant to all - why isn't there just one story where you are mistaken for the caretaker of the shoveller of (You know what) so we can find a way forward with biblical integrity attached. Should I turn over the tables and use the whip I've made to drive them out? Perhaps I should just remain silent or ask them a cutting questions using the blatantly obvious?

It's not easy trying to pick up the cross at times is it?


Anonymous said...

There is such a story - when Mary Magdalene mistook the Lord for the gardener ... .

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Oooh, nice thought?

But that was more about taking away than opening up of course, but to think I could have been mistaken for the rise Christ - puts a spring in there step.