Saturday, 25 March 2017

Journal: Did someone say 'red feathers'?

The exit music at a funeral today associated them with a hooly-hooly skirt - what a super track to leave by, does it get any better than that? Today has been more of the same, and there's been as many funerals for me this month that I usually get in three months in an average year; so I guess it looks like funerals is all I do. But it isn't and in fact today was rammed to the gunwales with stuff, including Home Communions and pastoral stuff too.

One of the challenges is to deal with the absurdities of life that cross our parh without getting warped and bitter, blaisé, cynical or cruel. The madness that causes conflict and confusion can often tread on our toes and cause us to lose clarity of focus and the reds mists rise - but Jesus calls us to turn the other cheek and to step back from throwing the pebble in our hand before it all becomes too late. But we aren't allowed to ignore the situation because that would really mean that we are permitting whatever is happening it is to continue.

Lord help me to live and to give without counting the cost and Judging the lost.

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