Sunday, 19 March 2017

Journal: Men's breakfast, A party and more

Had a go at a men's breakfast today - good turn out and great fun. Really weird when I find myself about to stand up and still not sure what I'm supposed to say. But it went and I was reminded of so much that God has done in my life. Memories of blind seeing and other amazing things were dropped in front of me as I played the cards before me.

It's odd but when I think of the various phases of my life and the opportunities I have been given, and how easily we forget them as time moves on, I realise how blessed I am. And have been - for so many years as a Christian.

Phase two of the day was taken up with funeral visits and related stuff - also encouraging and fun before we hit the last phase in which we had a birthday party and filled the church building. Talked to many new people and had a really energised evening.

Kept coming back to the 'is there a man amongst you who'd offer his son a stone if he asked for bread or a snake is he asked for fish? If we, being awful can give our kids good things, how much more will God, who is good, give his kids?

Sunday looks 'interesting' with fives services in two different locations - nine of them home - some of the natives looked restless when they found I wasn't going to be with them. Needs so Prayer, wisdom and stuff I reckon.

For today's bread - the forgiveness I have been shown (and shown), the trust rather than test that has been today's walk and the ability to touch people with You love.
Lord accept the praises and thanks of a simple man.

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