Thursday, 9 March 2017

Journal: it's the wrong film Gromit!

A day of four halves - that's the only way I can describe it. Two very different people in the funeral prep' process two very frustrating telephone calls, two CDs sorted for funeral services and one film watched as part of the bishops certificate course.

Every funeral is different and each, albeit often tacit, present challenges and demands. Some you have enough information, some you don't. Some are smooth and comfortable whilst others are the equivalent of a sandpaper lined jockstrap! Nevertheless, the end result is always to be something that sees the people leave in a positive, dare I say 'happy  in this context, frame of mind - this, and the preaching of the realised hope that is Jesus, the Christ.

Loads of telephone calls preceded, followed, and surrounded today's meetings. Two of them were difficult for a number of reasons as It seems we live in a world where support for certain types of 'at risk' people has magically been spirited away by stealth. The powers that be (and I guess this eventually lands at the door of the government) have led this country into a place where support for the vulnerable no longer really exists and we have social workers who walk away for obvious need with the excuse that that's not their area of involvement and to that's someone else's issue to deal with!

Goodness me (politeness gene working), what on earth is happening?

Well what's happening is that a man who is unable to temporarily remain in their own home because of transient medical (physical and mental) needs is left to do as best they can as the social worker leaves them to it because they only work with the mental health aspect of the need. The physical needs are such that the person cannot comfortably or safely get themselves food and are potentially in a place where they might end up accidentally hurt themselves because of the symptoms presented and home situation. So the social work element merely appears to have left with a shrug and the exeat: 'not my job'!

Trying to call alleged care giver I find the department has but one telephone number and that rings off the hook. Upon enquiringly I'm told that there might be no one in - this is not impossible for on more than one occasion I've called similar people and teams only to be told that there's no one available because they are:
a. ALL on holiday
b. ALL away for a training day
c. ALL having lunch

I'll leave it there in this medium but you better believe that before I'm done there will be a hefty need of Preparation H for some of those I'm going to be seeking out and having a little word with.

The other frustration today revolves around the 'volunteer' organisation coordinator who loves the role and the organisation but lacks the wit to actually join the dots and respond appropriate to the need. Suffice to say it was like calling the fire brigade because your house was on fire only to be met with, "So why are you calling us?"

Last night a few of us watched a film together and the choice made was 'Shadowlands'. This theodicy laden offering was a sublime and yet stunning in one hit. Lots to discuss from this sometime soon.

Lord You forgive my sin, feed my body, challenge my thinking, and excite my very being.
Keep it up and pop back soon.

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