Saturday, 30 November 2013

Advent - An essential journey

'Christmas is almost here,' were the very first words I heard as I was greeted by one of the people I often engage with. Their opening gambit made I countered with: 'Advent is almost here - Christmas is still a way off!' The look on their face told me that I had the upper hand as, once again, I (being the soul representative of the whole Church where I am) had completely flummoxed them!

'Oh yes,' they said, It's December on Sunday. Advent calendars!'

I wasn't expecting such a strong response, for I was now on the back foot and struggling to select the correct response.

Did I begin by explaining that to be a true Advent calendar then, looking at next year, the number one window wouldn't always coincide with the first of December (it would start on Nov 30)?

Perhaps I should do the, 'The advent journeying is the road to the fulfilment and joy of God's plan of salvation,' spiel. Always good to bring in the the themes of Advent: The Patriarchs; The Prophets; John the Baptist and The Virgin Mary - that speak of the situation, solution, preparation and delivery.

Then again there's always the 'It's not Christmas until ......' Tack. The 'keeping Christmas special - Jesus, the reason for the season and all that stuff' - real Advent calendars, the cards that don't have penguins, Santa, snow or polar bears (no, I'm not being Polar Bearist!).

There was the explanation of our purple patches - those penitential preparations whereby the spiritual house of our soul is cleaned in preparation for the coming of a newborn or the joyful acclamation that 'He is risen!'.

So many valid choices - but which one to take?

Well, which one would you have taken?

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