Saturday, 2 November 2013

Remembrancetide - a season to remember

From pumpkin to poppy the season that is Remembrancetide is a cornucopia of emotions and a place of much misunderstanding and confusion.

In my mind the season begins with 'All Saints', which is also known as 'All Hallows', (Nov 1) - where, as the name suggests, all the saints are remembered, reflected upon and given thanks for - and moves on to the next day (Nov 2) 'All Souls' where, as again the name gives a hint, we remember all those who have gone before.

But of course, as is often the case, I'm just a little out of kilter with the Church calendar for Remembrancetide begins with All Hallow's Eve (Oct 31) - 'Hallowe'en' - and the season known as Hallowmas, the three days of All Hallow's Eve, All Hallows' and All Saints. I guess Hallowe'en, not featuring in my calendar is the source of my error.

Here we are with remembering at the forefront of the Church's being:

We remember the saints (All Souls / Hallows) giving thanks for their example and lives - Nov 1

We remember all those who have gone, especially the recently departed, commending them to God's grace, love, care and mercy and giving thanks for their lives - Nov 2 (All Saints)

We remember those who have died in conflict (combatant and civilian), thinking of service and selfless commitment, peace not war - Nov 11 (Armistice Day)

And on the nearest Sunday to Armistice a Day we also keep 'Remembrance (Sun)Day - where our nation focuses its attention on the 'Empty Tomb' (Cenotaph) in Whitehall and on local memorials, Halls of Memory and monuments as we remember the dead and pray that war will will cease and peace be ours.

So there you have it a nutshell - Pumpkin to Poppy - Remembrancetide

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Ray Barnes said...

Pure genius Vic.

A new season (brief though it be) for the church calendar.

Greetings this Remembranctide.