Wednesday, 13 November 2013

We wear our poppies with pride

Wearing our poppies with pride
standing around the cenotaphs
stained glass windows
monuments and shrines

Old men with berets
tear-stained cheeks
soup-stained ties
standing to attention

as the bugle plays

as noise is stilled

waiting for reveille
to herald the start of a new day
to welcome in the resurrection of the dead
the dead we honour as we stand
and remember

not glorifying war
but remembering those in glory
remembering conflicts past and present
and longing for a future peace
to become our reality today

And then
we put our poppies away
and leave our remembering of them
those who have gone
for another year
and for another day

Not so
For today
and every day
we will remember them
the fallen
the broken
the bereaved

We will remember them!

(c) Vic VDB 2013

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