Monday, 25 November 2013

Taking a Gap-Year For God

I have to say that I never thought I'd encourage people to give anything but their lives on this blog but I am keenly aware that there are a bunch of young people who have given up a year of their lives to learn more about their faith and themselves by embarking upon the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) 'Year For God'.

This has taken one of the young people from our church (and I have to be honest and proudly admit that they are ours) and has opened up the opportunity for five of them to work In Romania with Roma people. An opportunity that will yield more than the financial costs - and they've already raised money to get out to work where they are now - but still means that there are costs.

To this end they've set up a site which tells a little more about them and gives people the chance to be part of the work by supporting them. The site can be found here and reckon that if everyone who visits donates a solitary pound then they've probably got enough to change the lives they seek to work with and their own too.

And for those who don't feel called to give - can I encourage you to contribute in a much more important and effective way than mere money: Please pray for them and their journeying, the work they do and the changes to their own lives that the experience will bring. Changes that will live with them and make them better citizens.

Thank You

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