Monday, 18 November 2013

Woe unto you when men speak ...

... well of you!

The words of Luke 6.26 really bit home tonight as I left Tamworth's historic Town Hall and passing a chap in his fifties, who looked a little the worse for wear, wished him a cheery 'Good Evening!' The response to which was, 'F off parasite!'

Hallelujah or what? After all it woe is the response to people blowing sunshine up one's bottom and praising you then the response I received must surely be a cause for joy!

Of course the sadness is there in bucket loads as first and foremost he was certainly old enough to know better and to be as ratted as he appeared to be (and it wasn't even nine in the evening most noble Festus*) and as abusive as he was all added up to sone very unhappy chappie. Fortunately (not sure whether it is for me or him) I had to be somewhere and so my usual about-turn and engage didn't happen.

But isn't it interesting - I can only assume that the comment was directed at the dogcollar because I am sure I didn't know him and I hadn't asked him for money - but perhaps that was what he expected from 'the Church'? If so, I'm sorry we have managed to give him the impression we are all about begging bowls.

But there we go - I think I'll claim Matthew 5.11:

'Blessed are you when people insult you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.'

Now there's a thought - taking up one's cross, following Him who died for me and counting it as gain - goodness me - think I might be on the road to being saved at this rate!

Nah - looked in the mirror - perhaps not :-)


* It's a bit of a Luke joke - take a look at the beginning of Acts ;-)

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Gillian Meller said...

Interesting, thank you. I was pondering yesterday about the apparent popularity of Pope Francis in the media. I believe that Pope Benedict used to say that if he did not read bad things about himself in the news every couple of weeks then he knew he needed to examine his conscience!