Sunday, 10 November 2013

Honouring the dead - Not glorifying war

Today I will have occasion to stand in silence with men, women and children as we remember, and give thanks for, those who have given their lives in conflict - peace being the prize they sought and death being the price.

We will remember those who, as civilians, have had lives, homes and lifestyles marred and taken away - and pray that wars will cease and justice, mercy and humility become the prevailing conditions within across this globe.

We will pray for those who have served and for those who serve, remembering those who find themselves on operational tours, those preparing for tours and the families and friends they leave (or will leave) behind.

We will pray for those members of NGOs and other organisations who leave the comfort and security of home to work for a better world; for those who work for peace.

Today is not a day when war becomes glorious - for it never has or will be (as those who promote the myth would know had they had the courage to serve or the integrity to dialogue honestly) - but a day to remember those who have 'gone to glory' (for that is what 'glorious dead' means. Today is a day to commit ourselves to bringing about the peace others have given their lives to win.

Please take a moment today to visit your local cenotaph or war memorial and pay your respects - visit your local church and be one of the many voices that pray for peace, remember the dead and commit to living a just and equitable life.

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

The words of John 15 above talk of the reasons we honour the dead and the reason that so many of us do so in the name of a man who did exactly what the verse says for us all.

May we learn to make the peace of the world a reality and may the peace of the risen Christ be with us all today. 


UKViewer said...

Went to two today.

Will be leading an Act of Remembrance tomorrow on the 11th of the 11th at one of our Churches, the only one to preserve the correct anniversary.

Allie P said...

It is my privilege to be the bugler for the Radlett United Act of Remembrance, which took place yesterday, part of the ceremony being spoken in English and part in Hebrew. This was my 14th year as bugler. What an honour!