Monday, 25 November 2013

Made tea come out of my nose!

Yes, someone's managed to get tea to do a full circuit as a opened the image below whilst drinking tea!

One of the best gaffes I've seen for ages (how I hope it's real):



MadAllie said...

Just hope they don't mean for nose-picking! LOL

disgusted said...

Should a Vicar has something like this on their blog?

Personally I have to say that I don't think so.

QA RMN said...

Noticed and commented on like a true Padre!

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't a vicar post this? It's funny. Come close...let me tell you a secret...God created the penis, and the vagina. He put a huge amount of nerve endings in the penis, created man and woman, created sex, and then guess what? God called His creation 'good.' Get over it!