Wednesday, 13 November 2013

It's World Kindness Day

With its roots stretching back to 1997 this is not one of the most well-known or even perhaps popularly supported the day exists to encourage people to do exactly what it sounds like on the tin: It's a day that's dedicated to being kind and one in which we are asked to do some act of kindness.

So pehaps it might juts be that rather than pass by you stop and talk to the person begging on the street today - finding out a bit about them (just knowing their name is a start) and buying them a hot drink and/or a sandwich.

It could be that you hunt down a little old lady and drag her across the street (even if she doesn't want to go).

The opportunities are endless (just as they are one every other day yet they are often found to be a globally exercised 'unkindness day') so why not resolve to do but one simple act of kindness today?

And if you enjoyed doing it - why not have a go at repeating it tomorrow?

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